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School inspection

Under Section 10 of the School Inspections Act 1996, Estyn carries out inspections of maintained nursery and primary schools.  For full information on what Estyn is inspecting please click here .

Estyn inspects against these five areas:




1.1 Standards and progress in learning and skills


Well-being and attitudes to learning


2.1 Welfare


2.2 Attitudes to learning


Teaching and learning experiences

3.1 The breadth, balance and appropriateness of the school curriculum


3.2 Teaching and assessment


Care, support and guidance

4.1 Personal development


4.2 Safeguarding


Leadership and management

5.1 Quality and effectiveness of leaders and managers


5.2 Self-evaluation and improvement planning processes


5.3 Professional learning

The last inspection of our school was in March 2017.

Current Performance

The school's current performance is outstanding because:


  • Most pupils make outstanding progress in developing all their skills across the curriculum by the end of their time at school

  • Nearly all pupils have outstanding independent thinking and learning skills

  • Pupils eligible for free school meals achieve as well as their peers and, in some areas, achieve better than their peers

  • Nearly all pupils treat each other, staff and adults with genuine respect and courtesy, co-operate effectively and behave outstandingly in lessons and around the school.

  • Staff provide a range of very innovative and creative learning experiences that motivate almost all pupils extremely well

  • The school has a strong Welsh ethos where nearly all pupils use Welsh confidently and correctly

  • The standard of teaching is consistently good throughout the school with elements of excellence

  • There are effective procedures for assessing and recording pupils' progress

  • The school is a caring and supportive community that creates an inclusive, warm and friendly ethos

  • The school environment is attractive, stimulating and of a high quality

Prospects for Improvement

The school's prospects for improvement are excellent because:


  • The headteacher provides very innovative, robust and effective leadership

  • Members of the senior management team have clearly defined roles that make an outstanding contribution to improvement

  • Leaders and staff have very high expectations of themselves, each other and the pupils

  • The school has an extremely strong team spirit

  • There are exceptional systems of self-evaluation that are firmly embedded over time

  • The school development plan focuses clearly on raising standards

  • The school has a range of very effective partnerships that make an outstanding contribution to raising standards and supporting the wellbeing of nearly all pupils

  • The school shares outstanding practice to raise and maintain standards of literacy and numeracy across Wales

  • Leaders make very skilful use of staff and resources

  • Governors have a purposeful understanding of strengths and areas for improvement

Download the full inspection here

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